Long Beach Landscaping Project – Artificial Turf Installation

after artifical turf long beach

Recently we just got done installing 1510 square feet of artificial turf here in Long Beach. Check out the lawn before we got started, by adding this artificial turf the property will be saving hundreds this year just by not having to water their lawn. Also, since artificial turf is very easy to maintain they will not have to maintain it very much. Maybe a loss to us on the lawn service side but we’re always happy to give the customer exactly the savings they are looking for.

before artificial turf long beach

After we installed the artificial turf the lawn looked amazing, exact words from the customer were “I never thought my yard could look this great.” Exactly the response we’re always looking for.

Artificial turf can save hundreds every year you keep your home on watering your yard. In Southern California’s climate and current water shortages it can be hard to keep traditional grass in a healthy condition. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have dingy or brown grass driving down their homes curb appeal.

As well, Grassland Landscape & Lawncare currently works with the best turf suppliers in the industry so we always have exactly the style of turf that you’re looking for. The next time you’re looking for an artificial turf installation please give us a call and you won’t be disappointed.